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Inventor sold his house to build prototype. Now accuses oil giant to unlawfully use the invention.
Rasheed has invented a tool that allows drilling companies only have to go down once the well to expand the diameter and measure it. We can save up to 48 hours in each such operation with integrated under-reaming. It is useful with low oil prices, says Rasheed To finance the development of a prototype and qualification of technology, he sold his house in 2011.
Inventor and entrepreneur Wajid Rasheed discovered that equipment resembling his patented technology was used in the North Sea. Now Smart Reamer accuses patent violation of one of the largest oil companies in Norway.

The key issue is a method and a tool that can cut costs on the Norwegian shelf. The inventor is on a quick trip back Norway in connection with ONS and agrees to talk about technology. The lawsuit, he will not comment. Next spring he meets mighty Baker Hughes in Oslo District Court. It is not the first Norway trip for the Briton. 18 years ago, during the short winter days on a rig in the North Sea off Floor he understood how important it is to save time during well operations.

Ten years later, in 2008, he delivered patent application for a new method and a new tool to expand the diameter deep in a well. So-called hole opening or under-reaming (under reaming).
The underreaming is not a novelty, but the way it was done is new. Hole Opening may however be made when a well is to be drilled through troublesome formations shale or clay. Until now had such operations almost pursued blindly. Drillers used one tool to expand the borehole and another to measure results.

The technology has been tested by IRIS ‘rig in Stavanger. It is also used commercially Brazil and onshore in Britain at Wytch Farm field. The technology is marketed through the company Smart Reamer, owned mainly by the inventor. Rasheed believes the technology may be important to recover more oil on the Norwegian continental shelf in the years ahead – in increasingly complex wells.
But there is a dark cloud on the horizon. “We found that equipment similar to our patented technology was used on the Norwegian shelf”, he said. In 2015 his company sued one of the largest oil companies on the Norwegian shelf – Baker Hughes.
Oil services giant has also one of the largest well contracts Statoil have ever dealt. Among these was the well contract for Johan Sverdrup worth 1.5 billion. The inventor believes oil services giant has infringed the patent and requires compensation as well as the prohibition that they use the technology, according to court documents. Wajid will not comment on what he requires of oilfield Services Company.
“It not only saves rig days which is the advantage of the technology”, according to the inventor. It also opens up new opportunities. “Because measurements are integrated, the drilling manager better monitors what is happening downhole and act much earlier”, he said. Patent case starts in Oslo District Court on April 20 next year and lasts two weeks. Smart Reamer has also sued Baker Hughes in Britain.
Baker Hughes’ counsel, lawyer Gunner Sørlie in Bahr, said that the company’s policy not to comment on pending litigation. The oil services company, however, has gone to court to try to get the inventor’s patent invalid, it emerges from court documents.

Wajid Rasheed receives USPTO notification of a further patent allowed for integrated underreaming and meaurements in the USA. This is US 13909413 for an electronically activated underreamer with a processor, caliper and cutter positions and a user capable of making comparisons. Total patents exceed 30 worldwide with 6 in the US.