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Latest News

Latest News


March 2017

Smart Wellbore Systems was awarded a US Patent Application US 14295717 Issued on 14.03.2017as US patent 9593538 Helical cutter placement and measurements

Innovate UK invited Smart Reamer to exhibit its “Smart Frac” at the 2017 ITF Technology Showcase in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Smart Frac is a collaborative project with BG International/Shell, and part funded by Innovate UK and provides a cost-effective alternative to current drilling technology.

Smart Wellbore Systems Exhibitor Booth at ITF Technology Showcase Aberdeen 2017.

Feb 2017
Smart Wellbore Systems Calibration Robot for Laboratory measurements performs and core scanning of Haynesville and Jarvis East shale samples.

Jan 2017
Innovate UK invites Smart Reamer to showcase Smart Frac technology in Aberdeen at the Innovation Zone at ITF showcase.


August 2016

USPTO notification of a 6th patent allowed for integrated underreaming and measurements in the USA. This is US 13909413 for an electronically activated underreamer with a processor, caliper and cutter positions and a user capable of making comparisons. Total patents exceed 30 worldwide with 6 in the US granted to Wajid Rasheed.

July 2016

Smart Reamer receives Seal of Excellence Certificate delivered by the European Commission 27th July 2016, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020.

Submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument phase 2 in the area of Supporting SMEs efforts for the development – deployment and market replication of innovative solutions.

Smart Reamer Drilling Systems Ltd 268 Bath Road SL1 4DX Slough United Kingdom was successful in a highly competitive evaluation and judged as innovative following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts.

June 2016

Smart Reamer gains Mid-Form contract with a major oil company.

USPTO notification of two patents allowed in the USA. These are US 14295717 for helical underreaming and measurements and US 13949286 for magnetic position sensing of underreamer cutters and invented by Wajid Rasheed.

May 2016

Despite the current low oil price Smart Wellbore Systems continues its expansion and investment. The company was formed during the 2009 recession and has established itself through a growth plan based on prudent cash-flow management, identifying market needs and developing end-user solutions. The industry now faces another cycle of low activity and cost reduction as oil companies identify performance and efficiency gains. Smart Wellbore Systems is well placed to benefit from the current trend as well as the upswing in future years.

• Smart Wellbore Systems acquires bespoke Calibration Robot for Laboratory measurements and core scanning. The Calibration Robot was designed and built to Smart Wellbore and BG International (Shell) Specifications. It allows for precise calibration of acoustic, magnetic and vibration measurements prior to running Smart Wellbore tools downhole or while drilling. It also allows formation samples such as cores to be scanned and features of interest identified in the Lab.

• Smart Wellbore Systems receives Mexican patent MX 334129B. Mexican drilling activity in the deepwater GOM Mexican sector will increase in future. This sector will share many analogues with the US deepwater well construction and is likely to have similar close tolerance casing schemes and underreaming requirements.

April 2016
In collaboration with BG International (Shell) Smart Wellbore Systems successfully completed a UK Innovate project.

  • The project proved the feasibility of detecting fractures in shale gas formation samples over a range of fracture apertures from approx. 0.25mm to 25mm.
  • Over 500 tests were performed which included both shale gas formation and man-made samples.
  • The decision to maximise work performed in house was proven to be the correct approach in ensuring project success and accelerating positive outcomes.

Fracture data is difficult to acquire on wireline and can be prohibitively expensive in Shale Gas reservoirs. Smart Frac offers oil companies a potential low cost alternative to wireline tools and expensive logging while drilling tools.

March 2016
Company hired further Engineering Consultants for continuous improvement in waveform analysis and innovation in processing.

Feb 2016
Smart Wellbore Systems (rebranded from Smart Reamer) was selected as a success story by Innovate.

UK government Innovate Showcases Smart Reamer Drilling Systems web link:

Jan 2016
Smart Reamer confirmed $2.5 million equity investment with a new ordinary share class. This investment further allows the company to expand and allocate resources for tool build and design as well as protect and enforce patents.


December 2015
Committed team of developers and researchers conducted/performed over 100 lab tests on different core samples.

November 2015
Vivian Pistre named as Technology Fellow
Vivian held the position of Geophysics, Acoustic & Geomechanics business and strategy at Schlumberger for more than 5 years. Prior Vivian was Product Line Manager Schlumberger Technologies in Beijing China and has managed a large software development group writing applications for Drilling, Geomechanics, Geophysics, Sonic applications, Well Placement and Unconventional Reservoir management. Manager of the group evaluating new hardware and software in engineering centre for acoustics. Vivian is based in France.

October 2015
Further employees hired to support Field Engineering and Software Engineering.

New “RUC” version of Smart Reamer software released which incorporates remote user capability.

August 2015
Mick Bell joins Smart Reamer as Design Engineer

Prior to joining Smart Reamer in August 2015 Bell worked for Schoeller Bleckmann UK (Darron) for 32 years and was involved with the concept and initial design testing of the Smart Reamer in 2009. Bell is responsible for the detailed design and test of mechanical housings as well as physical integration of the real time data transmission modules.

April: Oguz Yalcin joins Smart Wellbore Houston as Director

March: Smart Wellbore Systems present SPE 173131 Novel Workflows Reduce Underreaming Risk and Support Decision Making at SPE / IADC London and participate in Exhibition

February: Smart Wellbore Systems offers full MWD and short hop system

January: Smart Wellbore Systems and BG International to work on Fracture Detection


Dec 2014: Smart Wellbore Systems wins Innovate UK Award for Fracture Detection

November 2014: Peter Smith named as CTO

Aug: Article: Offshore Magazine
Smart Wellbore Systems
Closed loop underreaming improves deepwater drilling

May: Smart Reamer™ rebrands to Smart Wellbore Systems™ and Trademarks Smart Family of Tools. Services include Ream Tracker™ for retrofit to existing reamers and Sure Gauge™ System. Company also offers Smart Frac™.

April: Smart Wellbore Systems™ and Zamil announce partnership for KSA. Read More.

March: Smart Reamer Drilling Systems awarded European Patent EP 2327857 validating in Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands and Norway.

www.dpma.de, www.patentstyret.no, www.ipo.gov.uk, www.epo.org

March: Technology Strategy Board invites Smart Reamer to showcase and present at TSB/ITF Technology Showcase Aberdeen. http://showcase.itfenergy.com/assets/Uploads/u.-Wajid-Rasheed-Smart-Reamer-Drilling-Sytems-Look-Ahead-Rev.pdf

Feb: http://www.worldoil.com/SmartReamer-appoints-Americas-VP.html

Feb: Article in World Oil Magazine

Smart calliper qualified for measurement-while-drilling operations. Wajid Rasheed, Shaohua Zhou and Nasser M. Al-Khanferi

A new calliper tool was designed, tested and qualified to overcome fluid density and BHA placement challenges present in MWD calibration, especially during under-reaming operations.
read more


Technology Strategy Board UK Highlights Smart Reamer as Success

Presentation in Dubai MEDT of SPE/IADC Paper 166786 7th October 2013.
“Smart Calliper for Measurement While Drilling”

Presentation in Rio OTC Brazil of SPE/OTC Paper 24334 Offshore technology 29th October 2013.
“Smart Reamer Calliper – Real Time Wellbore Diameter and Underreaming Verification”