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Article: Offshore Magazine
Smart Wellbore Systems (Closed loop underreaming improves deepwater drilling)

Article in World Oil Magazine
Smart calliper qualified for measurement-while-drilling operations.
Wajid Rasheed, Shaohua Zhou and Nasser M. Al-Khanferi

A new caliper tool was designed, tested and qualified to overcome fluid density and BHA placement challenges present in MWD calibration, especially during under-reaming operations.

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Case Study 1

The Smart Reamer Calliper tool system was tested during open hole drilling and under-reaming in Test Well C1, Ullrigg of IRIS, Stavanger in Norway.

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Case Study 2

The Smart Reamer Calliper survey data of 138,262 records was successfully download at Wytch Farm after a single bit run to TD in the open hole.

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